Introducing verro

A true one-stop shop

As a pioneer in the close integration of interior design and construction globally, we have developed an industry-leading methodology that delivers these success factors for our clients:

> Transfer of risk and cost certainty

> Acceleration of project timelines

> Realization of strategic goals and design intent

Intelligence-Led Strategy


An initial strategy engagement is critical to helping you understand your true space needs, allowing you to assess how it can be optimized for the future to attract your team to the new workplace and ensure they are happy and productive for the long term.

We partner with clients to ask the hard questions, challenge convention, apply new thinking from multiple disciplines and perspectives and create solutions for a more profitable, effective and human business future.

> Define desired outcomes

> Benchmark local data 

> Create a Kit of Parts

Design-Driven Solutions


Design is full of possibilities. At Verro, we approach each project with an open mind to create environments that engage, empower and inspire the people who inhabit them. 

Together with our clients, we translate strategy and business aspirations into spaces that unlock the potential of people, allowing them to do their best, most creative work.

We encourage our clients to consider their business objectives, potential, and aspirations. Our experts take all these ideas and translate them into a tangible, actionable plan. We constantly challenge our brief to push the boundaries to deliver reliable and future-proofed office solutions.

We focus on seamlessly integrating space, technology, and people in the most flexible way possible. Do you require a cost-effective turnkey solution with a fast turnaround? We can do that. But we can also provide a highly tailored and customized environment too. We consult and collaborate before providing you with detailed sketches, plans and 3D renders to help you visualize your space.

Our preconstruction team provides transparent costs at each stage of design, ensuring your budget is realistic, design decisions don’t have to be continually re-visited, and so you can achieve cost certainty in the development of your workplace.

> Provide one point of contact for design & construction

> Assemble the best design talent for the project 

> Deliver renderings & flythroughs with real-time costs

Risk-Free Delivery


The conventional process of translating design into a built environment is broken; delays and cost overruns are almost inevitable and are often borne by the client.

Verro offers a risk-free delivery model through an end-to-end integration of design and construction teams. Our projects conform to budget from the onset and, not only meet schedules but can be delivered faster and with costs controlled at every point.

This detailed coordination from the beginning enables us to mobilize immediately upon completion of the design.   

Our experienced project management teams focus on conducting construction work as seamlessly as possible, minimizing disruption to your business. While coordinating stakeholders and managing each trade discipline, we continue to collaborate with you to keep communication channels open every step of the way. 

Our aftercare team assists our clients with any additional work once they move into their office. Whether you require a minor refresh, ongoing maintenance or something more, we are here to help and support you for the long term.

> Onboard construction expertise at the design phase 

> Monitor projects in real-time 

> Achieve the desired result with no change orders

Inform your final decisions

Pre-Lease Support

The build-out of a space is a very significant part of the cost of a lease, and even more impactful to the long-term success of the occupier.

Verro provides a single point of contact for workplace strategy, design, budgeting and construction:

> Early insights into buildability, budget, and schedule implications

> Verified information that gives occupiers the confidence to make decisions

> Global reach giving you consistency across multiple markets in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, and Australia


We take great pride in delivering pain free projects on-time, on-budget and to the highest standards.


Using this team as our design and build-out partner, for the architectural designs and the general contracting aspect, was a very good experience affording us the benefit of time and we probably picked up at least half a year which was incredibly important to the entire project.

We’re proud of the space that we were able to create together.
I didn’t have to worry about anything, you are one source of truth for everything.
The space meets the challenges on every level related to work.
We found significant value in your team continually aligning design decisions with project requirements and construction costs that allowed us to maintain project scope, budget, & schedule without compromising quality and overall project image objective.
This team is customer-centric and we truly appreciate their partnership.

Need support reimagining what a workplace can be?

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