Revox by Cantel changes the world of sterilization in manufacturing building designed to match their unique production technique.

  • R + D
  • Minneapolis
  • Medical Device
  • 23,500

A client with such a unique product requires a unique space build-out. The Revox VPA is a complex process that eliminates all human error by only moving one direction. The build of this space replicated this one way streamline process that encourages employees to move alongside the products creation.

Revox is a division of Cantel that provides sterilization solutions to the medical industry. They work with clients to understand their challenges and provide expert advice on how to implement their Revox VPA sterilization system to better their practices. The Revox team is comprised of mechanical engineers,

chemists, and microbiologists that all unite to provide first-rate technology that protects people from infection.

The project began with the renovation of a vacant office warehouse which needed to be converted into a fully functioning manufacturing and commercial sterilization facility. There were four phases of this project, starting with a need for an occupied build space and parts delivery. Our team rapidly responded to schedule modifications to implement and make room for what was being delivered and the people that were building this new product. Chemists and engineers were beginning to build these 60,000lb

sterilization machines during construction to meet their delivery schedule. Our team designed and built their industrial work space and office all while protecting and supporting their functioning staff.

The finished workplace consists of a commercial sterilization space, a machine build area with dock delivery systems, two chemistry labs, a utilities mezzanine, and shop. The front office space, for quality assurance and regulatory affairs, includes private offices, workstations, a breakroom, internal conference room, and a large customer sales and training space with windowed views into the functioning facility. The Revox team can now efficiently provide these groundbreaking products and services in a space that is custom built for the unique workstyles and tasks.



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Using this team as our design and build-out partner, for the architectural designs and the general contracting aspect, was a very good experience affording us the benefit of time and we probably picked up at least half a year which was incredibly important to the entire project.

We’re proud of the space that we were able to create together.
I didn’t have to worry about anything, you are one source of truth for everything.
The space meets the challenges on every level related to work.
We found significant value in your team continually aligning design decisions with project requirements and construction costs that allowed us to maintain project scope, budget, & schedule without compromising quality and overall project image objective.
This team is customer-centric and we truly appreciate their partnership.